Power Electronics

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Power Electronics

Training and Experimentation

Key technology for the demands of today and tomorrow

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Power electronic is engaged as a branch of electrical engineering /
electronics with the transformation of electrical energy by switching
electronic components (mainly
semiconductor components).

Application of power electronics are inverters, power inverters or frequency converters in the field of electronical drive technology, solar inverters and
inverters in wind power plants for grid connection of regenerative energy or, for example switching power supply units for power supply.

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The power electronics make it possible to use electrical energy with very high efficiency. It thus opens up the possibility of significantly improving the operating characteristics of devices and systems while at the same time reducing energy consumption.

The demand of maximum energy efficiency is being implemented in means of transport, transport systems, industrial plants and energy distribution systems as well as in power supplies and lightning equipment, making power electronics one of the most important future technologies.

The power electronics board in detail

The system combines the latest technology with simple operation. In the safely extra-low voltage range, in addition to the simple principles of power electronics components and assemblies, it is also possible to investigate modern
drive solutions from the converter and motor.

Leistungselektronik ETS DIDACTIC Power Electronics Board

The power electronic board is the basic module of the power electronics training system. It allows the assembly and plant of basic circuits of power electronics as a functioning unit or by means of pluggable components in 19-mm grid.

Leistungselektronik ETS DIDACTIC Experimentieraufbau

The individual connection of the components and assemblies is made optionally by bridging plug with 4-mm contacts in a 19-mm pitch and 4-mm connecting cables. The 4-mm connecting cables should be designed as safety measuring cables.

Experimenting Board in A4 format
Set of plug-in components for basic experiments in power electronics, incl. A4 size storage board for the plug-in components and safety bridging plugs, front panel imprinted with the circuit symbols of the components.
for basic experiments in power electronics, plugged in storage foam.
DC 24V/34W, permanently-excited Experimenting Board in A4 format
AC3 23/40V, 20W Experimenting Board in A4 format
AC3 23/40V, 10W Experimenting Board in A4 format
for the training systems of power electronics
for the training systems of power electronics 19mm spacing,