Training Concept

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Our Training Concept

Innovative Hardware / Perfect Courseware

ETS DIDACTIC Lernkonzept OrdnerstrukturStructure of the Manuals

  • Ringbrinder principle
  • Dividers
  • Incorporation of individual documents

ETS DIDACTIC Lernkonzept HandbuchTrainer Part / Practical Experiments

  • 100 % function guaranty
  • High print quality
  • Digital and on paper
  • Original photographs with practical references
  • Detailed work instructions

ETS DIDACTIC Lernkonzept PräsentationTransparency Sets − Manufactured documents

  • Colored transparencies with legend
  • Clear design
  • Fundamental instructions
  • Various languages


  • Depiction of parameters
    in function groups
  • Commissioning instructions
  • Safety functions
  • Individual learning help

ETS DIDACTIC Lernkonzept Learning SoftwareLearning Software

  • Accompanying the hard- and system software
  • Individual learning progress
  • Combination of theory and practice
  • Function simulation

ETS DIDACTIC Lernkonzept MobiliarFurniture

  • Technically matched conception
  • Excellent functionality
  •  Ergonomics at the workplace
  •  Outstanding design