MLS Digital Learning

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MLS Digital Learning

Learning anywhere at any time

Advantages of digital learning

  • Intuitive use for learners and tutors
  • Works on PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Automatic evaluation of tasks
  • Content for ETS training topics is available
  • Can be supplemented individually for your lessons with your own content
  • Model of complete professional action
  • Knowledge quizzes and tests with different types of answers, such as 
    - Multiple choice questions
    - Drop-down menu questions
    - Open questions
    - Fill-in-the-blank texts
  • Adjust curricula to your own learning content
  • GDPR compliance

Model of complete professional action

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are integrated and taught for action-oriented learning.




As a perfect complement to your classic learning environments, course content and learning situations are presented by ETS DIDACTIC via the MLS learning platform.

The ETS content was adapted in a media-friendly way to support the digital technical learning situation.

You can administer and assign courses. Moreover, the learning success of your trainees can be tracked with a reporting tool from the first day until the completion of the training. The strengths and weaknesses of your trainees can be found out.

MLS is fast and easy to use, without the need for extensive installation. All you need is an Internet connection.

Simply use your smartphone, notebook or tablet.
Enjoy flexibility by editing the learning content according to your needs. Experience interactive learning in a new way and be prepared for the challenges of the future as you shape the future of learning.

Didactic principle of complete professional action.

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are provided in an integrated approach. Your trainees will learn how to solve tasks in an action-oriented and problem-solving manner.

As a teacher, you can supplement, personalize, adapt, and independently create new digital learning content provided by ETS. Take advantage of the possibility of using animations and videos as an illustration.
For checking the knowledge, there is a wide range of query options such as multiple choice questions, drop-down questions, open questions, and fill-in-the-blank texts. Furthermore, MLS enables automated evaluation.