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9 topics, 64 chapters, 775 pages, 3 folders

T3 = Teaching, Training, Technology

Add a new, easy and uncomplicated way to your lessons with a hardware-independent training concept for electrical engineering.
In 9 chapters, the participants learn the basics of electrical engineering using a student script.

The lecturer's pad is characterized by a clear red fade.
1000 questions and answers as well as many completed examinations make sustainable teaching easy. The documents are interpreted for approx. 160-175 teaching units.

Particular design:
The lecturer uses the colors to see if the student has the same information or if he has to work out the formula, invoice or image together  with the participants.

Discover the sophisticated concept of the MEDIA-T3-BoxX. Just browse under “topics" for an overview of the individual chapters.

• Theory

• Presentation

• Exam Preparation

• Examination


• A clear red thread available

• Approx. 1000 questions and answers

• 14 examinations

• Many PowerPoint Presentations

• Each chapter is self-contained

• Hardware independent learning

• Modular ordering possible