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Belt Gears

Belt gear types such as toothed belts, V-belts and flat belts are often found in the automotive sector but also in large industrial plants.
In order to provide your trainees with optimal training, ETS offer a training system specifically for this gear type.

Riemengetriebe mit Zubehör

Belt gear model with courseware

The compact training system for belt gears enables mechanical assembly and disassembly as well as adjustment of belts on the training model.
The frequency measuring device and laser measuring device included in the scope of delivery can be used to learn how to measure the belt tension and how to align the pulleys in a practical manner.

In conjunction with the specially tailored Courseware, all aspects of the theory, such as the limited service life of belts, the thermal load capacity and other environmental influences as well as calculations of sizes and transmission ratios, can be taught in an interesting, substantiated and compact way.