Vibration Sensor

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Vibration Sensor

Measure and Monitor Vibrations

Sensors together with actuators are a key basis for the automation of technical applications.
Hierarchical automation levels In many applications and processes, it is important to monitor vibrations and detect disturbances or to measure them for the purpose of process control. All faults have in common that their cause is vibration and shock. This leads to cracking and material failure. If these are measured continuously or at fixed intervals, malfunction, wear and damage are detected and can be corrected. A common example of this is the early detection of faults in exhaust air and ventilation systems.

The maintenance and repair of machines and plants can be significantly improved by detecting faults at an early stage. Continuous machine and plant availability shows the high market potential for vibration sensors. Depending on the application example, however, there are very different requirements for bandwidth, sensitivity, dynamic range, frequency range, zero-g voltage, voltage noise density or the available interfaces. Accordingly, a number of sensors and measuring instruments are available on the market, which are quite different in their operation.