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Robotics – SafetyCUBE®

Robot Cell − SafetyCUBE® Industrial 6-axis Robot


The SafetyCUBE of ETS DIDACTIC is the universal solution for start-up trainings and das practice-orientated learning of programming and simulation techniques related to modern robotic system applications. On the basis of this comprehensive approach in the field of robotics and handling systems and with the optional add-on in form of a vision module, all topical aspects of robotic training are covered.

Vision detection and object tracking are inherent parts of digitized production. In simulation, the function "collision detection" helps throughout the programming, and already in the start-up phase of real commissioning, errors and unwanted contact can be avoided or corrected. In industrial applications, the time to market (TMM) is reduced, so that the installation can be presented to the customer faster and with a higher reliability factor.

ETS DIDACTIC Robotik SafetyCUBE Doppelwagen


Virtual Robot Learning World –

ETS Virtual ROBOT and ETS Virtual Industrial ROBOT
Already widely used in the field of Digital Engineering, simulated programming can be carried out with the digital twin in advance. Classic educational training and qualification profits from these industrial tools, because the programming training can be practiced by each participant individually as a one-by-one situation, and so that a very high quality standard can be realized.

 ETS DIDACTIC - Roboter SafetyCUBE

The trainees can come to vast experience before moving on to the real system. Simultaneously, in methodological terms, new ways of commissioning robotic systems can be sought at this early time. As well as for the 6-axis and the two-arm industrial robots, such solutions are offered by ETS DIDACTIC. Professional manuals are offered to accompany the simulation exercises efficiently assisting with the realization of the learning objectives.

 ETS DIDACTIC - Roboter SafetyCUBE Simulation



Vertical articulated-arm robot, incl. control unit with Profinet slave interface, programming device FlexPendant®, trolley with protective housing and light curtains, software and conveyor belt.

Powerful vision system offering 50 smart vision tools, autofocus, integrated lighting and optics, fast image capture and control of external light sources and sufficient capacity for virtually any inspection scenario.

with red triangle with snap-in mechanism, 10 pieces
with green circle with snap-in mechanism, 10 pieces
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