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Electropneumatic Training System

Basic of electropneumatics circuits

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Elektropneumatik DetailbildLearning objectives of electro-pneumatics:

  • Operating of electropneumatic components
  • Determination of components for the solution of different electropneumatic controls
  • Assembly of electropneumatic components with subsequent functional control
  • Creation of circuit diagrams, electropneumatic circuit diagrams and logic diagrams
  • Installation and commissioning of electropneumatic control systems
  • Development of test criteria for functional testing
  • Determination and analysis of errors

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Elektropneumatik Trainingssystem Übersicht

Set of components for electropneumatics

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Elektropneumatische Bauteile

Applications for pneumatics

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Elektropneumatik Applikationsfolien

The front panel overlays are placed on the Pneumatic Applications Board. As a result, the non-task-related component slots are covered, the task-related remain free and provided with circuit symbols. The front panel overlays are photorealistic with 3D graphics design to promote a sustainable understanding and to ensure application-related processing of the work order.

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Elektropneumatik aufgebautes Experiment

 Built-up experiment with the basics of pneumatics.

Experimenting Board in A4 format for setting up pneumatic circuits. Prepared areas for process-oriented arrangement of pneumatic components. Graphical display of the basic components and their arrangement options.

Experimenting Board in A4 format with a basic equipment solenoid valves for setting up electropneumatic circuits in combination with the Pneumatic Applications Board

Experimenting Board in A4 format for controlling electropneumatic circuits

Experimenting Board in A4 format for setting up electropneumatic circuits, with fixed mounted pneumatic and electropneumatic components

for electropneumatic experiments 1 x plastic, 1 x stainless steel

Time-dependant sequence control of a double-acting cylinder
Basic circuit of a double-acting cylinder
Basic circuit: AND operation of a double-acting cylinder
Sequence control of a double-acting cylinder