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ETS DIDACTIC smartMaintenance App CPS-i40

tec2SKILL® smartMAINTENANCE App CPS-i40®

The enthusiasm emanated from augmented or mixed reality applications is supplemented by the gamification – learning is fun.

This special learning experience comes with higher motivation and more sustainable learning results. In the virtual applications, barriers to the understanding of the use of physics can be overcome more easily and optimum information positions in the room can be taken up. The 360° view experience – an overall view on the product, application or system – when all views and perspectives can be seen and experienced, provides great benefits to young skilled workers because theory and practice are united.

Based on targeted commissioning, step by step supported by the digital learning assistant tec2SKILL made by ETS facilitates the COMPREHENSION of the interrelationships of individual components and technologies by the interested learner.

The digital transformation is on its way – already now!

The tec2SKILL® smartMAINTENANCE App is to expand the digital learning factory CPS-i40® (also connectedFACTORY) – by another digital learning method. New technologies can be discovered and experienced and complex contents are easier to understand and learn using a tablet, a smartphone or smart glasses. It is a real highlight for the organization of digital transformation.

ETS DIDACTIC is pursuing totally new paths to achieve the perfect combination of virtual reality and skill competencies.