Industry 4.0 - CPS-i40

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Learning Factory 4.0 CPS-i40®

Qualify for the Future – already Today

Industrial Compact System - connectedFACTORY CPS-i40®

In the modular, digital learning factory 4.0 using state of the art technologies, all aspects of a modern, future-oriented production are represented.

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH CPS-i40 Station Industrie 4.0 IIOT

The production stations are fully interlinked. The automation standards PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP and OPC-UA connections are applied.
Data can be transmitted to the cloud via an IIoT gateway.

To supplement the MES software, the production line interacting with the individual production segments per OPC-UA is available optionally.

ETS DIDACTIC Lernfabrik Industrie 4.0 CPS-i40 Cyber Physical Systems Übersicht

In the individual stations, traction inverters are contained or decentral peripheral devices are integrated via PROFINET. IO-Link, too, is used in case of applications in the field of sensor technology.

All stations offer RFID read/write-heads and can file away production data on an RFID tag as well as on a server (e.g. OPC, UA, SQL, ...).

While the current production step is checked in each station, a final check is realized by a bus-compatible camera and other sensors in their own station.


ETS DIDACTIC Lernfabrik Industrie 4.0 CPS-i40 - Humanoider Roboter