Energy Measurement

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Intelligent Measuring Technology

Power Qality Analyzer II

 ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Energiemesstechnik Gestern und Heute

Power measuring device / network analysis device

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Energiemesstechnik Three-Phase Nework Analyzer

The advantages of our didactic system are:

  • Determination of essential electrical parameters as active, apparent and reactive power (of e.g. light fittings)
  • Measurements of the network load caused by harmonics (3-phase presentation)
  • Measurements of power factor Lambda and cosφ
  • Determination of electrical parameters of electric motors
  • Use and application of energy meters
  • Energy study of various consumers
  • Vectorial presentation of three-phase systems
  • Oscilloscope function for voltage and current

Intelligent Measurement Technology

Measuring of essential electrical parameters

 ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Energiemesstechnik Wirkleistung Blindleistung
e.g. measuring von active power, reactive power und apparent power of
light fittings

z. B. Messung der Netzbelastung durch Oberwellen
e.g. measuring the network load caused by harmonics and produced by the  switching power supply of the laptop

z. B. Messung des Leistungsfaktors Lamda und cos
e.g. measuring the power factor Lambda and cosφ when operating a frequency converter

z. B. Ermittlung der elektrischen Kenngrößen elektrischer Antriebe und Transformatoren
e.g. determining the electrical parameters of electric motors and transformers

3-channel-oscilloscope function for current and voltage

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Energiemesstechnik Strom und Spannung

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Energiemesstechnik Weitere Anzeigemodi Teil 1

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Energiemesstechnik Weitere Anzeigemodi Teil 2

Intelligent Measurement Technology

Webserver for Visualisation of the Measured Values


 ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Energiemesstechnik Webserver Three-Phase-Network-Analyzer in Aktion

The webserver can be used for presenting and recording relevant parameters of the Power Quality Analyzer II in tables, data loggings and bar charts by:

  • PC
  • projector
  • iPad
  • Smartphone
  • Whiteboard

Additionally, complex interrelations of currents, voltages, types of power (apparent, active, reactive power), cosφ and harmonics are represented graphically with well-known consumers.

The measuring device is particularly used in in experiment manuals on the subjects:

  • Lighting technology
  • Transformers
  • Electric drives etc.