Electrical Engineering / Electronics

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The Fundamentals of Electrical and
Electronic Engineering

ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Elektrotechnik Elektronik

The fundamentals of electrical and electronic engineering, electrical system and automobile electronics, i.e. „automotive“ – all of these topics are available - close to practical applications - as 4 mm plug-in systems. These are versatile circuits for mounting on plug-in panels with the corresponding components.

The components are mounted in robust, transparent enclosures with ventilation apertures for heat dissipation and 4-mm gold contacts. The original components can be recognized, analyzed and identified by the experimenting student due to the transparent material.

ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Elektrotechnik Elektronik Steckbausteine

The colored cover plate of the panel shows the circuit symbol of the integrated component. At request, the plug-in blocks are stored on a storage board in A4 format. The front plate shows a graphical representation and – additionally to the value - the exact storage position. The 4mm safety plugs can be stored individually according to their color-coding. Optional extensions are marked in different colors and can be stored there, too.

The compact boards come with a universal power supplies and plug-in terminals of various designs with 4-mm safety sockets or 4/2-mm SI sockets that can be chosen by you appropriately.

ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Elektrotechnik Elektronik Universalstromversorgung

The universal power supply is multifunctional and can be set extremely powerful if required. A two-stage current limit is configurable for beginners and for component protection.

The comprehensive manuals of ETS with didactically prepared learning situations are to supplement the training system on the fundamentals of electrical engineering. Colored exercises and work instructions with examples, animations and graphic representations make the learning process easier and assure quick and interesting approaches on this topic.

TECHNOCards give a quick overview on the system and facilitate the use and application of the training systems even for beginners. Furthermore, information on safety regulations related on the system is given, too.

ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Elektrotechnik Elektronik TECHNOCard

For mobile applications, i.e. changing places or if it is necessary to teach with the system at various other sites, the system can be integrated fest in a two-piece, robust suitcase with aluminum frame. Although it is mobile, this type of storage makes a professional impression on the participants.

PLUG2perform made by ETS:

  • robust
  • flexible
  • individual
  • safe
  • powerful
  • multi-functional learning situations for strategic development of coping skills
  • universell
  • mobile
  • professional

ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Elektrotechnik Elektronik Experimentieraufbau