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Soft Starter

Practical Use of Soft Starter

General Information

Today, the three-phase motor is the „working horse“ in the manufacturing industry per se.
But the direct start or star-delta starting is not the best solution in many applications, because unpleasant side effects e.g. mechanical shocks in the machine or temporary voltage drops in the main power supply are quite normal. Frequency converters or soft starters can be installed to prevent these problems. In applications that do not need speed control, a soft starter is often a more economical solution.

Soft starters allow a low-wear and easy start of machines and systems avoiding useless jerky movements and high mechanical loads due to current peaks occurring in the course of a motor start-up.

ETS DIDACTIC offers a training system excellently teaching the characteristics of soft starters using didactical courseware and practical experiments.




Experimenting Board in A4 format for the control of 3-phase drives. For smooth start-ups by means of a soft starter.
Experimenting Board in A4 format as a training environment for components from article 40205 or for free assembly

Experimenting board in A4 format

with auxiliary contacts 1NC/1NO
Contactor AC-3 3 kW/400 V coil 24 V DC Auxiliary contacts 3 NO/2 NC In- and outputs on 4 mm safety sockets
star/delta 0.25kW, 400/230V, 50Hz, 1500rpm