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Drive Technology

Industrial Drive Technology

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Antriebstechnik 1

Industrial Drive Technology has been changing rapidly for years. The technological development of communication-oriented and networked Drive Technology puts high demands on the specialists’ knowledge. This has resulted in fundamental changes affecting many fields of Drive Technology.

As for instance:

  • Electric machines
  • Communicative devices
  • Electronic motor management
  • Controlled drives
  • Bus-compatible inverters
  • Monitoring equipment
  • External and integrated safety functions
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Servo technology
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • WLan

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Antriebstechnik 2

All these changes place high requirements on experts and call for extensive training in order to achieve foresighted competences.

The ETS DIDACTIC training concepts on Drive Technology are based on absolute closeness to practice and industry. The training system on Drive Technology consists of a number of individual and configurable components e.g.:

  • Frequency converter MICROMASTER 420
  • Frequency converter G120
  • ET200S and Pro
  • Electronic motor management EMM
  • Soft-starter devices, direct starters
  • Servo inverter MoviDrive


ETS DIDACTIC GMBH - FrequenzumrichterLearning objectives:

  • Carrying out load tests of DC, AC and three-phase machines
  • Characteristic curve recording of various motor types (DC, AC, Servo, Universal, Dahlander etc.)
  • Setting and testing of the rated and nameplate data for motor or generator operations
  • Investigations on the overload behavior, testing of protecting and control devices
  • Programming and testing actuation and protection functions, interpreting fault signals, troubleshooting
  • EMC-compliant connection and start-up of electronic frequency converters
  • Central operation and monitoring via PC, connection to automated systems via PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • Project, design and start-up of a three-phase drive with asynchronous motor
  • Integration in automatic installations via fieldbus
  • Parameterizing of servo drives
  • Highly-dynamic positioning