Microcontroller Technology with PIC16F887 for µ-Trainer II

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Microcontroller technology with PIC16F887 for µ-Trainer II

Microcontroller technology with PIC16F887
for µ-Trainer II

"Industrial trainings system for programming of programmable logic and microcontrollers"

The training and education system for microcomputer technology is preferably designed for use in vocational training. Focus of the training system is the basic training for the functioning and programming of programmable logic or microcontrollers, the solution of tasks of control and regulation in industrial environment.

Learning objective

  • Graphic representation of programs
  • Structure and function of microcontrollers, processors...
  • Data formats and their conversation
  • Components of integrated development environment
  • Programming in assembler, C, …
  • Firmware generation
  • Measurement of analog values, e.g. voltage, temperature, pressure...
  • AD and DA converters
  • Components with I²C Bus, e.g. displays, brightness and temperature sensors
  • DC- and stepper motor control
It's an self-contained test- and programming module for the microcomputer training system ?µ-Trainer II?

Experimenting Board in A4 format

Transfer system 24V DC for accomplishing operational tasks, e. g. mounting and control of drives, automatic systems, interfaces, setup of buffer systems, signal transfer etc.

PIC16Fxxx controllers The "In-Circuit Debugging System" is a development tool for Microchip controllers for on-chip debugging via ISP interface.

End plug for DC transfer system for actuating the sensors on the DC transfer system without an automation unit.