Digital Technology - Microcontroller

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Microcomputer Training System

Fundamentals of digital technology

ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Mikrocontroller

Our Training System for Microcomputer Technology is primarily designed for use in vocational training.

  • ETS DIDACTIC MC einbauenFundamentals of digital technology
  • Graphic representation of programs
  • Structure and function of microcontrollers,
    processors …
  • Data formats and their conversion
  • Components of integrated development environment
  • Programming in Assembler, C, …
  • Firmware generation
  • Measurement of analog values, e.g. voltage, temperature, pressure …
  • AD and DA converters
  • Components with I²C Bus, e.g. displays, brightness and temperature sensors
  • DC- and stepper motor control

ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Mikrocontroller mit Transferband - ExperimentieraufbauMicrocomputer Training System with industrial interface

Fundamentals of digital technology

  • Methods of digital circuit analysis
  • Methods of digital circuit synthesis
  • Logic circuits in practical applications
  • Design of circuits with ICs
  • Characteristics of circuits
  • Measuring tools and methods
  • Complex logic circuits and converters

Fundamentals of microcomputer technology

  • Microcomputer and microcontrollers
  • Embedded systems
  • Command set of a CPU
  • Storage components
  • Timer and interrupts
  • Bus and ports

Use of industrial software environments

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Programming application
  • Structured  programming
  • Graphic representation of programs
  • Troubleshooting with debuggers and simulators

Integration of microcontrollers in devices

  • Data formats
  • Interfaces
  • Bus systems
  • Component types
  • Pulse generation
  • Parallel and serial data transfer

Integration of external periphery

  • Analog sensors
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Displays
  • Small-power motors

Serial asynchronous communication

  • Fundamentals of serial asynchronous transmission
  • EIA232 interface
  • USB interface
  • Terminal communication
  • Testing of interfaces
  • Data transfer between controller and personal computer
  • Controller boot loader
  • Programming of controllers via boot loaders

Control of industrial manufacturing systems

  • Transfer from device into the system
  • Industrial level and protective measures
  • Control and automatic control systems
  • Electromechanical and pneumatic components
  • System reliability trough hardware and programming

 ETS DIDACTIC Grundlagen Mikrocontroller in AktionGraphic representation of programs