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Alarm Management System

Alarm Transmission Board

Alarm Transmission Board
Order No.: 45049

Product information

The transmission system belongs to the Next Generation Access Network Environment. There are three  transmission paths available: analog telephone connection, Ethernet connection (IP) and GSM radio transmission. The transmission board offers 8 detector line inputs, one bus interface for the alarm system and 4 relay outputs. The alarm system is programmable  Über die transmission einrichtung kann die via IP. Additionally, the central panel is accessible  via an APP for operation and display of the operating state. The alarm transmission centre is connected via the system interface.

Learning Objectives:
Installation and commissioning a security alarm system
Consideration of the applicable VDE and VdS regulations
Selection of suitable detectors and sensors
Programming of the alarm system by means of an LCD display or a PC
Maintenance work
Check of the detectors used
Use of different activating devices, selection with regard to VdS classes
Commissioning of an access control

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