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Modern Building Communication 4.0

Smart Building Technologies

ETS DIDACTIC Gebäudekommunikation - MLTThe KNX training system is suitable for teaching the basic competences as well as for developing start-up competencies of more complex system settings. Exclusively state-of-the-art industrial components are used. The learning situation is documented with the help of configuration examples. The didactic documents too are adapted to the current software standard. The demo projects are commented in detail and complete the training concept comprising hard-, soft- and courseware. Intelligent building or „Smart Building“ technologies i.e. comfort in the everyday home environment are today’s keywords in building automation technology. The conversion of various trades and their communication with each other results in more pleasant and more convenient living conditions. It is needless to say that this causes the change of some requirements necessary for training of electronic technicians for energy and building technology or for building and infrastructure systems. New challenges and becoming familiar with new technologies belong to today’s daily training. With the corresponding modular training systems and learning sceneries, ETS DIDACTIC supports the training on the topics mentioned above. 

ETS DIDACTIC Gebäudekommunikation - Übersicht


The use of IOT-Gateways – Internet-of-Things Gateways – i.e. the linking of diverse applications to the internet, as well as the use of services like weather data or geospatial functionality support the daily habits of users and make life easier. Indoor or even outdoor control of home functions or living area devices by smartphones or tablets make technology more accessible and our living conditions „smarter“. In the field of electrical or building installations, it is also known as „smart LIVING“. The scalable training situations and systems of ETS are focused exactly on this training and the acquisition of the required competences.


ETS DIDACTIC Gebäudekommunikation - BST und Lernumgebung

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Gebäudekommunikation IOT Gateway

For training and further training this requires strong basic knowledge in the field of building installation and bus technologies. KNX, DALI – Digital Analog Light Interface – a simple bus system and the communication with each other via gateways allows a high degree of flexibility. ETS DIDACTIC offers solutions for each single technology. In the background, there is a basic concept to interlink these technologies with each other depending on the customers’ requirements and budget. There is a recurring theme throughout the trades as well as throughout the ETS training concept. As a customer, you can choose only the module that is interesting for you. Expanding and supplementing is an option, also at later times. Get flexible and always focused on your special needs and requirements.


IOT Gateways now facilitate communication with network components and the Internet. Use current standards as e.g. the IFTTT platform,  ZIGBEE, or the voice control module „ALEXA“ or others for experiencing the flexibility of the input and interaction of people and building control technology and for discovering it for your partners. Discover Technology – get in touch with tomorrow – already today. Come to a more interesting teaching with solutions offered by ETS DIDACTIC.


ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Gebäudekommunikation KNX Board

Strategic start-up of systems - away from trial-and-error and towards more aimed skilled-labor training catching the strategic approach - is primarily important to us. The accompanying course modules and didactic documents, apps and ETS learning programs support your everyday activities and facilitate technology transfer within short and clear preparation times. Start-up exemplification and manifold learning situations are at your disposal.


ETS DIDACTIC Gebäudekommunikation Seminar

The training and education of teachers, lecturers and instructors is provided by ETS DIDACTIC GMBH offering regular workshops for training yourself for these technologies.