Automation Technology

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Automation Technology

Programmable Logic Controller

 ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Automatisierung Automation Board und Touchpanelboard

Learning objectives for process and plant simulations

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Automatisierung Anlagen- und Prozesssimulation

  • Create programs for different processes and plants
  • Creation of functional diagrams
  • Creation of wiring diagrams
  • Connection and commissioning with an automation system
  • Commissioning fieldbus systems and troubleshooting
  • Analog value processing with automation devices
  • Create programs for level controls

Learning objectives programmable logic controllers
with TIA-Portal

SPS S7 1500 mit TIA-Portal V15

  • Assembly and project planning of a SPS in the TIA-Portal
  • Create hardware configuration
  • Modules
  • Write programs
  • Test functions
  • Online diagnosis
  • Load and start program
  • Connect fieldbus systems and plants
  • Commissioning of an automation system
  • HMI integration
  • Use HMI for simulation
  • TIA-Portal uand RFID technology


Touch Panels

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Automatisierung Touch Panel Boards


The advantages our didactic systems

Compact hardware
Write programs
HMI integration
Use HMI for simulation

 ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Automatisierung Vorteile des Systems


Programmable logic controllers in the field of
competence industry 4.0

For instance “quality inspection” – a station of modular and expandable solution of our didactic industry 4.0 system.
For further information about our Industry 4.0 CPS-i40 station,
please click here.