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ETSLab - Hof University

ETSLab - Hof University

Hof University invests in digital learning factory CPS-i40® and SAP

For representing business processes with SAP pictorially close to practical applications, Hof University of Applied Sciences invests in three CPS-i40® stations - pallet storage, station handling and the station press.

The connectedFACTORY CPS-i40® is based on high-quality industrial products of renowned world market leaders and communicates exclusively via industrial standards such as PROFINET, OPC UA, IO-Link or MQTT. The use of informative touch panels enables individual student operation and guarantees a firm overview. Due to the attractive visualization of the HMIs, students can quickly recognize the operating states and take appropriate action.

Based on the implementation of the complete SAP system, from ERP to MES to the production plant, the business processes - from order entry via web shop, through production planning and production, right up to delivery to the customer - can be shown step by step and understood by the students.

The additional modules “C5 Industry 4.0” and “D5 Industry 4.0“ can be used together with CPS-i40®. The vertical digitalization of the model made by ETS DIDACTIC ensuring a continuous flow of information and data from sales and product development to production and logistics is particularly attractive.

Due to the standardized networking of production systems and the avoidance of system breaks, optimal analysis is possible so that quality and flexibility are increased and costs are reduced. The full lT integration supports these benefits.

The connectedFACTORY in conjunction with the versatile ERP system offers support for all operational functions such as machine assignment and personnel scheduling, order control, maintenance, traceability, predictive maintenance etc.