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Technology Highlights 2019

Interested trade visitors were able to experience and discover the ETS solutions in their own laboratory. A variety of real training jobs and situations where shown in Cologne by ETS.

Our trade fair hightlights at the didacta 2019

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Erfolgreiche messehighlights auf der didacta 2019

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Erfolgreiche messehighlights auf der didacta 2019

Digitalization – CPS-i40 – Learning Factory – connectedFACTORY

Certainly, digitalization and Industry 4.0 were the highlights, the customers and visitors focused on and were interested in. The modular training concept CPS-i40 with all its new highlights and innovations fascinated the visitors. The universal and the effective education offering the chance to feel technology first hand thus
providing the trainee an access to it inspired our customers. Learning situations tailored to beginners as well as to experts guarantee a much longer time of use. Flexibility and versatility in the learning situations, as well as current technical standards, e.g. TIA Version 15, OPC UA, Profinet, IO link, cloud technologies, as for
instance the access to Mindsphere, the most comprehensive industrial cloud-based solution of SIEMENS and much more characterize the professional learning concepts offered by ETS DIDACTIC GmbH.

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Erfolgreiche messehighlights auf der didacta 2019

Learning situations for beginners as well as for advanced learners also guarantee a much longer service life. Flexibility and versatility in the learning situations, as well as absolutely current technical standards such as TIA Version 15, OPC UA, Profinet, IO-Link, cloud technologies, e.g. access to Mindsphere, the largest industrial cloud solution from SIEMENS and much more characterizes the professional learning offers of ETS DIDACTIC GMBH.

SAP4SCHOOL mit CPS-i40® Learning Factory – connectedFACTOR

In addition to the CPS-i40® learning factory, the intelligent networking of machines and processes in the industry with the help of information and communication technology was a further focus. The CPS-i40® learning factory forms the basis for flexible production.

For networking, the integrated enterprise software (IUS) of the market leader SAP is used. The basis of the development is the SAP4school IUS project, which didactically prepare the SAP software for schools. Students should be prepared in a practical way for later professional activities.

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Erfolgreiche messehighlights auf der didacta 2019 SAP4school

SAP4school IUS has a comprehensive range of different teaching materials, which ETS has exclusively supplemented in the areas of SAP, SAP ME / MII, interfaces using PCo and OPC-UA and the control and monitoring of the production process.

The entire system maps all business management processes as well as all technical processes, from order intake via webshop to production and delivery of the product to the customer, within a company. It should be emphasized that this holistic implementation of the Industry 4.0 standard is based entirely on standard products (SAP, Siemens, SMC, Pepperl & Fuchs, Sick, etc.).


ETS DIDACTIC Auf der Messe didacta 2018 digitaler ZwillingNew solutions for digital engineering based on the PLM software NX12 of SIEMENS and integrating the TIA Portal V15 of SIEMENS SCE were presented by ETS at the didacta 2019 in Cologne. The industrial production system, i.e. the ETS learning factory, SmartFACTORY CPS-i40, is made available in the form of a digital twin for virtual start-up training. This way the students, apprentices and interested parties are learning to prepare for the challenges of the job market today. Open standards, market-leading software packages, and flexible communication enable
discovery of technology context, and provide technology access that will definitely benefit future graduates and associates.

Robotics – Virtual Learning Worlds – Collaborative Robots – Vision Technology –
Camera Technology in Robotics systems

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH Techniche ausbildung weiterbildung education made in germany kollaborativer robot didacta 2019

Whether it‘s a 6-axis industrial robot with a camera and a tool changing system or a collaborative robot,
collaborating with the operator, these are the current challenge for training and education. ETS DIDACTIC presents solutions, covering the complete spectrum. More than 440 hours comprise the current didactically prepared learning sequences from ETS.

ETS DIDACTIC Auf der Messe didacta 2018 Robotik Simulation

Virtual learning situations allow the preparation of the future skilled workers for the real commissioning
situations. With VR-learning situations, participants can immerse themselves in virtual reality in advance and gain an impression. Programming exercises can be simulated in advance and boundary areas can be
experienced by the participants.

The commissioning competence is then trained on the industrial robots in special learnings scenarios. Typical contents are to program production
sequences, follow contour lines, welding- or gluing process simulation, object tracking, i.e. the alignment of the grippers depending on the workpiece.

The course modules of ETS comprehensively convey the technology transfer and offer a wide range of skills in this field.

Video of the training system – Collaborative Robot

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH - Video kollaborativer Roboter

Industry CLOUD Mindsphere – Services and data analysis of processes in the Cloud

ETS DIDACTIC Auf der Messe didacta 2018 Minds-Sphere

ETS DIDACTIC presents the possibilities for education and training in the field of cloud connectivity for Siemens applications at didacta in Cologne 2019. Apprentices from SIEMENS show visitors how to send and process data from an S7-1500 to the Cloud Mindspehere. What possibilities that already exist and how the students can experience such applications. How data is analyzed and processed, or which applications or services that is already available today. A great educational content and an extension to previous learning factories. Experience live data from big data to smart data at ETS.


IT Security – Security of data

In this area, which of course is one of the utmost importance when thinking of, or integrating cloud
applications, a lot has happened. ETS represent a completely new approach here in connection with the new SCE package from SIEMENS. Also new is the manageable switch in the current design line of the S7-1500. In addition to the uniform design, this also brings interesting network-related advantages and features.


FTS – Guided Transport System and Intelligent High Bay Warehouse CPS-i40

ETS DIDACTIC Führerloses Transportsystem – FTS AGV

ETS presented learning situations with different production locations in Cologne. The workpiece always had the information where the next processing step was required. From the station CPS-i40 quality control
station, a FTS, the ETS QBot360, the workpiece carrier was stored in the intelligent high-bay warehouse, also a completely independent and self-sufficient CPS-i40 station. Both the Touch-Infocenter at the station and in which configuration it was stored.

MES Software SUITE offered by ETS for the smartFACTORY CPS-i40

ETS DIDACTIC Auf der Messe didacta 2018MES Software ETS

The MES standard system also used in the Industry can be individually adapted to the ETS learning
situations. The Plant Simulation software must be mentioned here explicitly. Here, the production resources can me mapped.

Whether in one or more locations of the world, the software is HTML5-based, i.e. of current architecture and thus accessible to all devices, such as PC, tablet or smartphone, e.g. reachable for maintenance crew.
Flexible and comfortable with warning messages and information center.

The MES software suite makes the production process clear and transparent. It is designed for control, but also for information and planning. There is an interface for SAP as well as for other ERP systems. A simple and straightforward data transfer is possible.


Solutions for Metal Trades and Professions – Digital Applications and Learning
Situations in the Field of Metal Processing Technology 4.0

ETS DIDACTIC Auf der Messe didacta 2018 Getriebe ETS6

Construction sets for different gears with augmented reality applications and now also with mixed-reality applications via HR-glasses.

Constructions sets for learning about worm
gearboxes, single-stage spur gearheads, 2-/3-stage spur gearheads, bevel gearboxes and planetary gearheads – ETC DIDACTIC has long been known for this. The compact solution smart package, high quality and with excellent didactic accompanying documents – these are just some of the advantages of ETS. But now also digital support in form of
augmented reality application enhances the modern learning approach of ETS in the field of transmission technology and in mechanic training.

In Cologne at the didacta 2019, ETS is now
presenting a mixed reality variant of the guided
assembly process in addition to TEC2SKILLS. Trainees from MEK GmbH presented the virtual possibilities. Visitors could tryout the handling systems and the augmented reality.



The digital learning assistant Tec2SKILL Mechanical, developed by ETS DIDACTIC for the transformation process from technology to ability, that is, to combine theory and practice. This product family use advanced graphical support through „Augmented Reality” applications – to make learning scenarios easier to
understand for the student.

ETS DIDACTIC Auf der Messe didacta 2018 Getriebe tec2Skill Augmented Reality

There are now a variety of applications of ETS from this product family, which are used by the students with great enthusiasm. Tec2SKILL is supported on Android- and IOS. So both on tablets, as well as on smartphones, these applications can be used. Whether the school, the company or the institution provides the devices, or whether the participants use their own devices, it is definitely an added value for the learning process. BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – is already widespread in many educational institutions today.