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New Building Project – Industry 4.0 Exhibition Hall −
Digital Factory

ETS DIDACTIC GMBH has invested in the site and future jobs.

Due to the positive business performance of recent years and in the first year following the 20th company anniversary, ETS DIDACTIC has made considerable investments in the future of the company and maintaining long-term sustainable jobs on-site in Kinding in the beautiful valley of the river Altmuehltal. A new exhibition hall with a digital training factory tailored to the requirements of tomorrow’s education is being built.

ETS DIDACTIC Neubau Verlauf 1

Digitalized processes, IIoT, collaborative robots, automated transport systems, various CPS-I40 production stations, MES applications, Cloud, Big Data as well as digital engineering, i.e. virtual start-ups – All of these are exiting topics that can be experienced and discovered here by our customers in the future. Simultaneously, the customers and international traders are given an insight in the ETS DIDACTIC learning worlds: There will be Augmented Reality applications, Virtual Reality – i.e. VR solutions as well as Mixed Reality solutions that are very promising and that have been successful in the didactic sector.

There will be enough possibilities for training and personal technology transfer and to get a first insight in special topics or to train further professionally. The demands of the increasing digitalization of tomorrow’s production lines are in the focus.

ETS DIDACTIC Neubau Verlauf 2

The ETS DIDACTIC building complies with today's standards and regulations. The energy concept of the new building is based on the concept to resign entirely on fossil fuels pointing the way to the future and, above all, sustainability with regard to the energy consumption is in the center of attention. The building even exceeds the requirements of the KFW55 standard.

ETS DIDACTIC Neubau Verlauf 2

The employees are already looking forward to the new working environment and brilliant prospects for the future. The investment is also supposed to reduce the complexity of the working processes and to support the employees in their daily work.

The move-in will be in the 3rd quarter of this year. We will inform you about the progress.

ETS DIDACTIC Neubau Verlauf 4