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Corporate Philosophy


ETS DIDACTIC stands for innovation in the industry sector. We are the first company to develop and produce four-color, graphically designed front panels. Even today - after the competitors have followed the same trend - ETS is still the technology leader. While simple components are hidden behind the front panel by other companies, ETS focuses the top-quality industry components: placed in central position on the front plate and recreating the situation on the front panel in the switchboard. Thus, a practical qualification of prospective specialists is possible which is highly estimated by our customers.

ETS DIDACTIC Trainingssystem farbige Boards


The success story of ETS has been continued with the development and market introduction of the Building System Trainers (BST). These are circular-crossing professional trainers in the field of study and training, i.e. mobile units integrating fault simulation and representing complex relationships in the area of the morn building technology in a practice-oriented way. At the same time, the trainees are given the chance to securely handle the interdependencies of various technologies and trades, to maintain or to remedy them in case of error situations. The training takes into account all learning situations from the initial start-up to troubleshooting variedly and with an upgrading scaling.

For several years, ETS has gone more deeply into special topics in the metal profession sector. Here, we have developed successful concepts covering aspects of gear and bearing technologies, robotics and sensor technology providing practical course units for theory instruction as well as practical training. Today, ETS is one of the leading companies in the market, also in this segment.




ETS DIDACTIC Trainingssystem

Didactic Concept

Through the years, we have achieved an excellent reputation in the field of didactic. This is partly due to the didactical supporting documents as e.g. technical manuals, TechnoCARDS and presentation aids, but it is also based on the workshops appreciated by our customers and acknowledged far beyond Germany. Here, the focus is on the technology transfer and giving the knowhow as well as the suitable use and handling with the systems in the sense of optimum transfer of knowledge. 


With an ongoing effort to make learning easier and more interesting, ETS is vigorously researching and developing new learning methods. Thus, the new learning app tec2SKILL® (from technology to ability) has been successfully established in the training market. Customer references to this: „Finally – a reasonable application for iPad and Co.“ Based on the app and with the help of augmented reality technology, students can easily link theoretical aspects with practical applications.
This kind of learning technology is interesting, helpful and extremely promising especially for beginners discovering a new technology or learning and understanding a new topic. There is much more progress in a short time!

ETS DIDACTIC tec2SKILL Augmented Reality in der Ausbildung (AR)

With regard to the digitalization, the use of such apps and their functions eases the way for challenges of tomorrow’s labor market: Becoming familiar with technologies of the future already today! Gaining key qualifications at an early stage! That is the focus for today’s adolescents. The unification of virtual and real worlds of technology (Mixed Reality) – ETS DIDACTIC GmbH will keep going this way in the future, too.


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