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Handbook "Control Engineering" incl. CD-ROM

Order No.: 32138CD-ENG


  • Lecturer
  • Presentation help
  • Exam preparation
  • Exam preparation and solutions
  • Exam
  • Exam and solution


  • Control Engineering
  • Fundamental terms
  • Open-loop control
  • Closed-loop control
  • Discontinuous action (step) controllers
  • Continuous action (modulating) controllers
  • Proportional element (P element)
  • Integral element (I element)
  • Proportional-integral element (PI element)
  • Derivative element (D element)
  • Controllers types
  • Controlled systems
  • Controll engineering: presentation aids
  • Controll engineering: exam preparation
  • Controll engineering: exam preparation, with solutions
  • Controll engineering: examination
  • Controll engineering: examination, with solutions