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Process Control Board II

Process Control Board II
Order No.: 34001

Training system for process-oriented control engineering

Integrated controllers:

  • Two-level controller
  • Three-level controller
  • P-controller
  • I-controller
  • D-controller

Integrated control systems:

  • Level control
  • Temperatur control
  • Light control
  • Motor / generator system

  • Position control
  • Step manipulation for three-level controller

Integrated meters:

  • Actual value meter
  • Setpoint meter
  • Universal measuring unit

    Technical data:

  • Power supply 110...240V AC, 50...60Hz
  • Signal voltage range -10V...+10V DC
  • Central on/off switch
  • Connection via 2mm plug system or 5mm bridging plugs

Experimenting Board in A4 format with photorealistic, four-colour front panel design. Coloured lines according to colour code. A special coating makes the panel surface scratch-proof. Didactic standard labelling with operating instructions and connection possibilities facilitate commissioning by the user.

  • Stetige und unstetige Regler unterscheiden
  • Größen einer Regelung in ihrem Zusammenhang untersuchen
  • Zeitverhalten von Regelstrecken und Reglern untersuchen
  • Wirkungsweise von Regelkreisen erläutern und Messungen durchführen